Bike Shampoo | 500ml


Bike Shampoo | 500ml



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Bike Shampoo

Bike Shampoo is a superlative silicone and wax free pH neutral maintenance shampoo with no added glossing agents, silicones or waxes designed for safe use on motorcycles where avoiding contamination of tyres and grips is essential for rider safety.

Our carefully formulated Coconut and lime scented shampoo quickly removes road dirt and traffic film to leave surfaces clean and streak free. High foaming formula with added lubricity to minimise scratching while washing your bike.

Directions for use: Shake well before use. Dilute one part of Shampoo with up to 1000 parts warm water. Manually wash the bike, then rinse off with clean water. Do not wash vehicles in hot/direct sunlight.

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