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PRO 1 | Ultra Glass Sealant 50ml


PRO 1 | Ultra Glass Sealant 50ml

Up to 9 months protection per application



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PRO 1 is one of the most advanced formulations in glass sealants currently available on the market and is based on Ceramic Nano-Particles that bond and activate in contact with glass molecules to create a strong, hydrophobic barrier layer as well as filling hairline scratches on all automotive glass.

PRO 1 actively repels water giving you better visibility in the rain, sleet and snow. As a result, rain drops and road spray are blown off by airflow over the car when driving at speeds of 30mph and above and carry away fresh dirt and grime, meaning that the coating is partially self-cleaning.

The durability of PRO 1 is outstanding, a single coat application provides 6-9 Months protection depending on usage and weather conditions however we strongly recommend a second coat application on first use to ensure that maximum protection and durability is achieved.

A 50ml bottle will treat all windows for up to 24 months with multiple applications ( only 3-4 drops required per window )

Key Benefits

  • Contains Ceramic Nano-particles that bond and activate in contact with glass
  • Provides a strong, hydrophobic barrier against liquid
  • Fills hairline scratches
  • Vastly improves visibility in rain, sleet and snow
  • Reduced use of windscreen wipers when our product is applied
  • Outstanding durability of between 6-9 months

Car Care Advice

Glass sealants give all automotive glass the much needed clarity in all weather conditions, greatly reducing the amount of times you will need to use your windscreen wipers. Having the ability to also fill hairline scratches it repairs which is always a bonus plus contamination can no longer dwell on the surface but is instead blown of by airflow at speeds of 30MPH and above.

Direction For Use

  • Ensure PRO 1 is applied in a dry place away from direct sunlight
  • Glass must be spotlessly clean prior to application
  • Apply 3-4 drops onto microfibre applicator and apply in circular overlapping motion
  • Buff off any remaining residue using a clean microfibre cloth until 100% clarity is achieved
  • PRO 1 will be fully cured after 15 minutes and ready for a 2nd application
  • After 2nd application leave to cure for 3 hours to achieve the full properties
  • Apply to Wiper Blades also

Box contents:

  • PRO 1 ( 50ml )
  • Suede Coating Applicator
  • Pair of Gloves

Store above 5 degrees Celsius

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  1. Does exactly as it says on the tin. Easy application

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