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Fabric Pro | Fabric Protectant


Fabric Pro | Fabric Protectant

Unique silica-based formula, suitable for fabric roofs




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Product Information

Fabric Pro provides an amazing hydrophobic layer of protection against spills and stains on all fabrics, bonding with the fibres of the fabric it provides a barrier which liquid can not penetrate instead causing it to bead up and slide off the surface.

Truly versatile – this formula can do an equally fantastic job on both interior and exterior fabrics, convertible fabric roofs are fully protected, interior seats, carpets, mats, door cards and luggage areas stay looking clean and accidental spills no long spoil your day.

The Unique Coating protects by providing a durable and hydrophobic barrier against all weather conditions including harmful UV rays which cause discolouration and fading. Containing a unique Silica-based formula, Fabric Pro penetrates and bonds at a molecular, creating an invisible barrier for long-lasting protection on all your fabrics.

Durability within our pro range is consistent and Fabric Pro proves that with a single application exhibiting its qualities for upwards of 12 months (when applied according to the instructions). 2nd application is advised to achieve claimed durability and to maximise the benefits meaning your fabrics stay cleaner and fresher for longer.

Key Benefits

  • Contains a unique Silica-based formula
  • Bonds at a molecular level for long-lasting protection on Fabrics
  • Versatility means its great on all exterior and interior fabrics
  • Protects against fading and discolouration caused by UV rays
  • 12 months plus protection from a single application
  • Creates an extremely hydrophobic barrier to repel contaminants and water

Car Care Advice

Fabric coatings provide an essential barrier to protect your convertible roof, fabric seats, carpets, mats, door cards and luggage area, certain delicate fabrics can be very hard to clean if stained so why not protect them with an invisible barrier and save yourself the stress. As part of the interior cleaning process a single application can prevent future issues arising.

Direction For Use

  • Ensure the fabric has been cleaned prior to application
  • Fabric PRO should be applied in a warm, dry, well-ventilated space out of direct sunlight
  • We advise the wearing of Gloves during application
  • Fabric PRO should be sprayed on evenly then massaged in ( wearing gloves ) to penetrate the fibres and then left to dry naturally. Any over-spray onto adjacent surfaces should be wiped away immediately
  • Once dry repeat the application for maximum protection
  • Allow to dry for 12 hours before exposing the fabric to liquids

Store above 5 degrees Celsius

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