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NEO PRO Ceramic Coating

NEO PRO Ceramic Coating

Accredited Detailers Only

Accredited Detailer Only

This is a professional coating and can only be purchased by Approved Partners

NEO PRO is our Accredited Detailer Ceramic Coating and has been developed to be the leading chemical and scratch resistant paintwork coating currently available on the market.

NEO PRO bonds to your car’s paintwork at molecular level and creates sacrificial barrier between the road conditions and your delicate paintwork and repells dirt and grime making it much easier to maintain whilst offering outstanding protection and gloss.

Key Benefits

  • Easy on Easy off application
  • Enhance colour depth with mirror like effect
  • Creates a super hydrophobic barrier that repels contaminants on contact
  • Ensures routine washing of the vehicle is easier and less time consuming
  • High UV and Chemical Resistance
  • Suitable for Paint, Lights, Plastic Trim, Carbon Fibre, PPF and Wheels
  • Air died in 1h, fully cured in 12h

Technical Specification

  • Hardness – 9h
  • Chemical resistance ( pH ) 2-13
  • Water contact angle – 110º
  • Thickness 3-4 microns
  • Durability 5 Years / 50,000 Miles with Customer Guarantee

50ml box contents:

  • NEO PRO ( 50ml )
  • Customer Guarantee Card
  • Applicator Block
  • Micro-suede Cloths ( x 8 )
  • Door Shut GEL Sticker
  • Pair of Gloves

100ml box contents:

  • NEO PRO ( 100ml )
  • 2x Customer Guarantee Card
  • Applicator Block
  • Micro-suede Cloths ( x 8 )
  • 2x Door Shut GEL Sticker
  • Pair of Gloves

Storage: Store in a dark, cool and dry place.


This Professional Coating must be installed within 6 Months from purchase date. Can not be used at later date after opening, this will invalidate the warranty.

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