Pristine | Hard Surface Cleaner


Pristine | Hard Surface Cleaner

Anti-static barrier that repels dust



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Alien Magic Pristine is an interior and exterior hard surface cleaner that not only tackles and removes dirt from the surface but then then leaves an anti-static barrier that repels dust.

Static is an electric charge which as the name implies stays in one place, it generally builds up when materials that don’t conduct electricity very well like plastic or rubber are rubbed. To stop this static we created a chemical formula that does not give electricity a chance to build up by coating the surface in a very thin layer.

Pristine effectively cleans and neutralizes static electricity charges during use. A single application removes electrostatic build up while also removing dirt, grease, fingerprints and nicotine stains. Pristine Plastic and Vinyl Cleaner will not streak, smear, scratch, or mark. This easy to apply spray cleaner provides anti-static protection for up to one month and has a fantastic apple fragrance.

Key Benefits

  • Outstanding effortless surface cleaner
  • Unique blend creates an anti-static barrier to prevent dust building up on the surface
  • Will not streak, smear, scratch or mark
  • Safe to use formula, gentle on your surfaces
  • Apple Fragrance
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  1. Got my dirty van interior looking like new

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  2. Makes your car smell really fresh and protects from dust. Great quality from Alien Magic once again.

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  3. Exactly what I was looking for

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  4. First purchase of this. It’s great. I don’t like a shiny dash so this cleaner is perfect. It cleans so well smells great and no shine. The anti static properties are such a plus point for my OCD.

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