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Weekend Warrior KIT


Weekend Warrior KIT

All essential products to complete exterior detail.



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Product Summary

  • Argon | Quick Detailer 500ml
  • Diamond | Glass Cleaner 500ml
  • ICE | pH Neutral Snow Foam 500ml
  • Lava | Wheel Cleaning Gel 500ml
  • Lucky | Tyre Gel 500ml
  • Pure Magic | Citrus Pre-Wash 500ml
  • Wave | Wash & Wax Shampoo 500ml
  • Microfibre Glass Cloth
  • Twisted Pile Drying Towel 40x40cm 1400gsm
  • Super Plush Buffing Towel

Alien Magic Weekend Warrior KIT contains all essential products to complete your exterior detail.

Argon | Quick Detailer 500ml RRP £11.95

Argon is THE perfect for use wherever Quick Detailer, Spray wax or Drying Aid is required. Argon can be used on any painted, plastic, metal, chrome, glass or vinyl surface of your vehicle. Argon has been designed as an easy to apply liquid (spray on buff off) with its primary job being to protect surfaces and reduce the appearance of fine scratches and swirls.

Diamond | Glass Cleaner 500ml RRP £9.95

Diamond is the perfect glass cleaner that cuts through dirt and grime with ease leaving glass, plastic and mirrors sparklingly clean and streak free. The easy to use formula is ammonia free so its safe on tinted windows and will not leave a harsh smell, just spray on and wipe off, easily removing unwanted grime and grease.

ICE | pH Neutral Snow Foam 500ml RRP £9.95

ICE is our unique no-touch snow foam containing amongst other ingredients, hyper surfactants and premium super polymers. Creating a rich, stable snow foam at an unbelievable dilution rate ICE is a safe, Biodegradable formula that will leave no residue when rinsed away. It removes traffic film, dirt, road debris and salt effectively.

Lava | Wheel Cleaning Gel 500ml RRP £10.95

Lava Wheel Cleaning Gel is an advanced pH neutral formulation that will cling to the wheel surface, ad lubrication and create a high foaming action when agitated. Lava is a highly concentrated yet super safe wheel cleaner which will remove road salts, dirt and grime from first use without the risk of stripping existing protection.ious car enthusiast.

Lucky | Tyre Gel 500ml RRP £11.95

Satin or glossy wet shine? It’s definitely down to personal preference but when looking for a product to make your tyres stand out with extraordinary wet glossy shine Lucky is your best friend, the ultimate in shimmering shine.

Pure Magic | Citrus Pre-Wash 500ml RRP £9.95

Alien Magic Pure Magic is a revolutionary highly concentrated Citrus Pre-Wash vehicle cleaner that will remove tough traffic film effortlessly without any compromise.

Wave | Wash & Wax Shampoo 500ml RRP £11.95

Wave is a superlative Wash and Wax Shampoo that targets dirt, grime and road spray assisted by the use of super polymers and added Carnauba Wax and Glossing Agents. The highly concentrated formula quickly removes road dirt, grime and traffic film with ease and leaves surfaces clean, bright and streak free.

Microfibre Glass Cloth RRP £2.95

Our Premium quality microfibre glass cloth is suitable for all glass types. Special smooth knit has been developed with split fibres to prevent damage and scratching while you clean.

Twisted Pile Drying Towel 40x40cm 1400gsm RRP £7.95

This is one of the largest and heaviest twisted pile microfiber drying towels currently available on the market. Features twisted pile on both sides and is the softest and most water absorbent towel we have ever produced.

Super Plush Buffing Towel RRP £4.95

Our super plush buffing cloth is soft, thick and one of heaviest buffing towels on the market. Edgeless edges make it completely safe for sensitive clear coats.

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