prep pro residue remover 500ml 1 litre 5 litre alien magic car care

Prep PRO | Residue Remover


Prep PRO | Residue Remover

Removes unwanted oils, grease, contaminants and polishing residues



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500ml 1 Litre 5 Litre

Providing the ideal and most accurate preparation for the final stage of many applications, we can not recommend this product highly enough for so many of the steps in the methodical detailing process.

Prep PRO provides the perfect preparation prior to the application of Alien Magic PRO coatings as well as, sealants and waxes. Prep PRO will fully remove unwanted oils, grease, contaminants and polishing residues showing true condition of the painted surface as well as glass, rubber and hard plastics leaving a smooth, clinical finish behind.

Prep PRO will create a perfectly hygienic base for final coating application giving increased durability of the final product.

Key Benefits

  • Provides the most clinical base for the final stage of many applications
  • Removes oils and grease from many hard surfaces
  • Reveals the TRUE condition of the surface, ready for coatings, sealants or waxes
  • Pure hygiene in a bottle
  • Economical, alcohol-based formula

Car Care Advice

Residue removers of this type are an essential product in any detailers collection no matter what level of experience you have. Many last stage products require a clinically hygienic surface free from any oils, grease or residues so they can bond and provide there purposed qualities to the maximum of their ability and longevity.

Direction For Use

  • Buff surface with a clean cloth or applicator until 100% clarity is achieved
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  1. Does what it says on the tin if you haven’t tried this yet I highly recommend it

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  2. Easy to use

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  3. Brilliant prep spray I wouldn’t use any other now

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  4. Easy on, easy off. Perfect

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