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Reset | Water Spot Remover


Reset | Water Spot Remover



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500ml 1 Litre 5 Litre

Reset breaks down mineral deposits left behind by water (water spots) before they can permanently damage paintwork. Water spotting occurs in hard water areas or simply by rain droplets evaporating leaving behind mineral stains. It is vital for water spots to be removed quickly and efficiently before the damage becomes permanent and requires paint correction.

Key Benefits:

  • Spray on buff off formula
  • Suitable for Paint and Glass
  • Does not remove existing protection
  • Quick and convenient solution to a common issue
  • Pink Bubble Gum Fragrance

Car Care Advice:

Water spotting is normally caused by poor drying methods after washing or, not drying the vehicle at all. The other common issue is simply rain which contains traces of acids, minerals and silica and when these droplets dry, water spots appear. To prevent this, we highly recommend drying aids like AQUA Ceramic Wet Coat or Argon Quick Detailer be applied after washing. Remove as much water as possible during the drying stage as this will prevent water spots forming. Adding a layer of protection means when it does happen you reducing the risk of damage to your clear coat.

Directions for use:

  • Shake well before use
  • Ensure the vehicle is clean and dry
  • Don’t use in direct sunlight
  • Mist Reset onto a clean folded microfibre cloth and directly on to a cool panel or glass surface (one panel or window at a time)
  • Allow to dwell for 15-30 seconds
  • Gently work the product in to the surface in straight lines
  • Using a second clean microfibre cloth remove any remaining residue
  • Check the area and reapply if necessary
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  1. Works Great

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  2. Can’t wait to use this.

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  3. Does what it’s designed to, forever frustrated with water spots specially on the black gloss trim after drying. Then a quick squirt and wipe leaving a spot free finish.

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  4. Still to use but expect good results based on other products!!

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